Step by step towards a sustainable future

We care about the planet

At MOS MOSH we believe that good quality and timeless designs are the baseline for sustainable fashion. It is of high importance to us to create products that live up to our customers’ requirements in regard to quality and sustainability, while still meeting their need for fashionable garments.

We want to be honest and be transparent in what we actually mean, when we say a garment is sustainable. It is a jungle to navigate in the world of sustainability, and therefore, we believe we have an obligation to make our initiatives transparent and easy to understand. 

We are not perfect

We are well aware of the impact we have on our planet, being part of the fashion industry. We are also not afraid to say we are not perfect. But we are taking the necessary steps to improve, this means saying yes to some things and no to others. What matters to us is that we are taking responsibility towards the planet and the earth we pass on to our children and grandchildren. When we dare to use the word ‘sustainable’ it means that our garments have been added a more sustainable feature. Which might sound very high-tech and fluffy. We are well aware that as long as we produce fashion, we can never be completely sustainable, but we can take steps in the right direction.

At the very core of anything sustainable is good quality, ensuring that our consumers will use their garments and cherish them year after year. The longevity of a garment is very important, and something we reflect upon in the first steps of the design process to the further journey to the consumer. If garments are not made in high quality, they fall apart lose their value and will eventually be thrown out. We do not want to be part of this. Therefore, high quality is the number one sustainable focus at MOS MOSH.

We would like to tell you more

Read our Sustainability & CSR Report here

Designed with heart, worn with passion, loved forever

Better cotton with MOS MOSH

MOS MOSH is a proud Member of the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI). By choosing cotton products from MOS MOSH, you’re supporting cotton production through the Better Cotton Initiative. Better Cotton is sourced via a system of Mass Balance. The BCI farmers use water efficiently, and they care for the health of the soil and natural habitats. They reduce the use of harmful chemicals and care about the rights and wellbeing of the farmers.

MOS MOSH is committed to sourcing 70% of our cotton as ‘more sustainable cotton’ by 2020. ‘More sustainable cotton’ includes Better Cotton, Organic Cotton or Recycled Cotton.